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Portfolio Management

Susan is an Investment Advisor Representative. Investments are offered through Wealth Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor.

Wealth Management LLC

How we help you:

We can guide you through the tough decision-making processes in regards to your wealth management and work with you on those strategies to help you reach your goals. The first and most important thing we do is listen. We assist you in quantifying your hopes and dreams and in determining your tolerance for various types of risk.

Our clients want to work with someone who takes their individual circumstances into account when giving them advice. We listen to you and care about your family and support you so you never lose faith in the plan regardless of what the market does. We never make you feel unreasonably pressured to do anything. The following are the specifics of what we do for you:

  1. Assess Your Needs and Risk Tolerance – We begin by getting to know you during a thorough planning meeting where we talk about your investment objectives, your liquidity and income needs, and your time horizon. We do not use canned checklists, but spend our time together getting to know you and what your wealth management will involve.
  2. Design Your Portfolio – Considering your needs and risk tolerance we will develop a portfolio that fits you and your wealth management needs.
  3. Manage and Monitor Your Portfolio – We rebalance as necessary to keep your portfolio within the parameters we designed above.
  4. Review Your Portfolio – We meet with you one on one to evaluate your portfolio progress and any additional wealth management needs you may have.
  5. Produce State of the Art Reporting – So you are kept informed about the continued progress of your portfolio.

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